Executive Voices: Episode 1 – Interview with NJCU President Dr. Sue Henderson


Welcome to the eCIO forum on Executive Voices. This forum and podcast series is to share the executive perspective on issues and trends in higher education. The interviews conducted also present ideas and real world examples of how College and University executives have engaged and partnered with their campus CIOs on solving and addressing these issues and trends.

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Today I am pleased to welcome Dr. Sue Henderson to the broadcast. Dr. Henderson is currently serving as president of New Jersey City University (NJCU) has been there since August 2012. As president she is responsible for advancing the mission of an exceptionally diverse institution that provides unparalleled opportunities and transformational experiences for its students. She works with a very dynamic faculty and staff who challenge students to achieve scholarly excellence, professional competence, and personal growth in the pursuit of meaningful careers and lives as productive global citizens.

Dr. Henderson holds a Ph.D. in Higher Education from the Institute of Higher Education at the University Of Georgia (UGA) as well as an undergraduate and master’s degrees in math education from Georgia State University

In New Jersey, Dr. Henderson was appointed to the Task Force on the Alignment of Higher Education Programs and Workforce Development, and co-chairs the Hudson County Alliance for Action. She is a member of the Board of Directors of the Hudson County Chamber of Commerce and on the Board of Directors of NJEDge.net, a research and education network that services public colleges and universities in the ssate of NJ. Dr. Henderson was appointed co-chair of the Hudson County Vicinage Advisory Committee on Minority Concerns and is Vice Chair of SCUP, the Society for College and University Planning.

We catch up with Dr. Henderson to chat about her efforts on how she created an integrated strategic planning process which ties together accreditation, facilities master planning, budgeting, program review, and fundraising where the major outcomes of this process should result in a singular focus on faculty development, student success, and appropriate learning spaces to serve these needs, as well as to help realize new revenue streams and efficiencies to support these efforts.

So with that, Dr. Henderson, welcome to the Executive Voices podcast!

I would to thank Dr. Henderson for her time and valuable insights here on the Executive Voices podcast. This is Jim Dutcher and please consider accessing our website at eCIO.tv for this and our companion podcast series, CIO Voices.