Advertise with us!

We are making room for a VERY limited number of advertisers.  We are selling ONLY ten banner positions in the 235w  x 120h size on our right margin.  We standardized on 235 x 120 because it will create a  uniform look to the blog and allow all advertisers reasonable exposure.  Your banner can be linked to either a eCIO hosted webpage (long form, full page ad) or to a webpage/website of your choosing.

We will are charging a flat fee for advertising here at eCIO. There is discount incentives for long term buyers. Ad positions are rotated every week.  New advertisers will start at the bottom of the stack.  Each week the top position is rotated to the bottom to allow all advertisers equal time at various positions on the site for one low rate.

Please complete the form below and we will follow up with you for details, requirements and payment arrangements for your advertisement.