Combining executives, ideas, and IT for innovation, advancement, & overall success.

We are the trusted & confidential advisors to many higher education Presidents, Chancellors, Provosts, and VPs where our success is built on the drive and dedication for making collaborations & partnerships happen at the executive level in three important areas:

  1. Leadership/management
  2. Building communities
  3. Being the change for organizations

We connect organizational executives (Chancellors, Presidents, Provosts, VPs, CFOs, COOs) with CIOs to establish institutional innovation and help your organization adapt to the rapidly changing situations, environments, and technologies that we have today.    Services include:

– Executive (C-level) advisory and consulting services for colleges and universities

  • Higher education executive forum on ideas, trends, and issues
  • College/University executive team building
  • Effective executive communications

– CIO advisory and consulting services at colleges and universities

  • Help higher educational institutions review and assess their IT strategies and IT governance structure; academic and instructional technologies, and provide comprehensive solution to enhance the business values
  • IT Department competency building (Budgeting, Innovation, Agile/Scrum, Kanban, PMO, ITIL/ITSM)
  • IT Department team building
  • Higher Education innovation and entrepreneurialism

– Specialized Global/international services

  • Provide consultation on building international higher educational exchange programs
  • Provide consultation for international scholar recruitments
  • Provide services and consultation for international students who want to study in the US, Canada and China

Team Information:

Dr.Steve Chen Dr. Steve Chen (VP of Global and Business Initiatives)

Email: stevecn09@gmail.com
Phone: 713-254-2584
Webchat: stevechen1234
Skype : drstevechen1

James M. Dutcher James M. Dutcher (President & CEO)
Email: jim@dutcher.net
Phone: 607-760-7455
Skype : james_dutcher